Top-10 Active Manuka Honeys

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We processed 402 reviews of active manuka honeys. Prices range are from $15.66 to $67.99 (September 2021)

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Wild Ferns

New Zealand Bee Venom Night Cream with Active Manuka Honey

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $22.80
    • A restorative new zealand night cream that enhances elasticity and is an effective anti aging cream
    • Combines the power of bee venom and active manuka honey for maximum firming and lifting
    • Bee venom humanely produced in new zealand, paraben free, no mineral oil
    • Do not use if allergic to bee stings - always patch-test first.
    • Made in new zealand using pure unadulterated active manuka honey of the highest quality

Manuka Lane

Natural Bee Venom Face Lift Treatment Cream with Active Manuka Honey, Shea, Cocoa Butter, and Jojoba – Nature’s Most

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $19.95
    • Yes, you can have real results! Stimulate collagen and elastin production under the surface of the skin with targeted
    • Stop searching, and start fighting
    • Welcome to the end of your search
    • Finally, a formula you can feel good about
    • Welcome to the revolution. Look for the full line of manuka lane luxury natural skin care


Certified Manuka Honey UMF 20+/MGO 830+ Authentic Manuka Honey New Zealand - Non-GMO - 250g Jar /8.8oz.

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $67.99
    • Non-gmo honey: called "liquid gold" by the food industry; full of goodness, rich manuka honey from new zealand
    • Made in new zealand: sourced from the fertile land of tarawera indigenous to maori people and supporting maori economy
    • Benefits: rich in mineral content and strong microbicidal properties due to a unique ingredient called methylglyoxal
    • Certified: umf 20+/ mgo 830+ certified, 250 mg of methylglyoxal; ideal accreditation for purity and quality only used by licensed producers
    • Unique tracking system: our jars come with apitrak app to know exactly when and where your jar of liquid gold came from


Lifeplan Active 16+ Manuka Honey 200mg Capsules - 30 Capsules

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $29.78
    • Ideal for people who dislike the taste of honey


New Zealand Active Manuka Honey Anti-Aging Moisturizing Hand Cream 1.4. fl.oz. Ultimate natural luxury hand care

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $22.95
    • and #9733 enjoy younger , healthier, hydrated skin naturally
    • and #9733 enriched with an exclusive honey blend formula : nz active manuka honey and beeswax combine with marine botanicals so that skin feels softer
    • and #9733 natural active ingredients that rejuvenate the skin
    • and #9733 formulated by quintessential beauty pioneer: madeleine ritchie
    • and #9733 anti-ageing hand care: the most effective treatment for a smooth and refreshed appearance

Wild Ferns

New Zealand Bee Venom Serum with Active Manuka Honey

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $24.60
    • Designed to combine the benefits of bee venom and manuka honey
    • Also contains royal jelly
    • With highly effective and humanely harvested venz (venom new zealand)
    • Do not use if allergic to bee stings - always patch-test first
    • Made in new zealand using pure unadulterated active manuka honey of the highest quality


Raw Manuka Honey SNAP-Packets, Certified UMF 10+, New Zealand (28 Count | On-The-Go Packets)

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $31.50
    • 28 on-the-go individual snap packets (umf 10+ certified raw manuka honey)
    • Equivalent to methylgloxal (mgo) 260+
    • Genuine manuka honey: harvested from the remote and pristine hills, forest, and coastal areas of new zealand
    • Buying umf rated manuka honeys protects you from low grade honey (often labeled 'active' or 'bio-active')
    • Product of new zealand - each batch is independently tested, verified and traceable

Manuka Doctor

- 24+ Bio Active Manuka Honey - (2 Pack) - 8.75 Oz (250 g)

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $38.75


Active New Zealand Manuka Honey (Face Serum & Face Mist Toner Set) with hydrating hyaluronic acid & Rich Marula

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $15.66
    • Rich nutrients , vitamins and aminoacids
    • Manuka honey has the ability to moisturize and soothie dry skin
    • We use 100 % non animal derived hyaluronic acid in all our products

NZ Fusion Botanicals

Vitamin C Anti-aging Whitening Serum with Active Manuka Honey, Hyaluronic Acid, and Niacinamide

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $18.80
    • Natural multifunctional anti aging moisturizing facial serum with 100% natural ingredients for brown
    • Bioactive vitamin c combines with manuka honey 20+, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and fruit extracts
    • Simultaneously provides anti-oxidant, mild exfoliation, brightening, radiance and age-defying functions to your skin
    • Helps shrink pores, clear up acne, prevents breakouts, and helps with acne scars
    • Unisex. All natural, no parabens, no artificial fragrances or colorants, not tested on animals and naturally preserved

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