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Gammon Percussion

Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Black

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $259.95
    • Full size complete drum set with everything included
    • Hi-hat and crash cymbals sticks stool stands all included
    • Everything you need to play professonial size set - nothing else to buy
    • High gloss black finish - chain driven pedals
    • Best seller - ships fast - best value - best price


RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Charcoal Metallic

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $499.00
    • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
    • Ready to rock right out of the box!
    • 9 ply, 7mm poplar shells and 1. 2mm triple flanged hoops
    • Drums included: 22x16 bass drum, 1x8 tom, 12x9 tom, 16x16 floor tom, 14x5
    • Cymbals included: 16" brass crash-ride, 14" hybrid hi-hats


by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kids / Junior Drum Set with Adjustable Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks,

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $169.90
    • Recommended age group: child, kids 2. 5 ft. To 5 ft. Tall
    • 16" x 11" bass drum, 10" x 5" and 8" x 6" tom toms
    • 12" x 10" floor tom, 10" x 6" matching snare drum
    • 8" hi-hat with stand, 10" crash cymbal with bass drum mounted stand
    • Includes: round padded height adjustable drum throne, bass drum pedal, a pair of wooden drum sticks, easy to read set up instructions (assembly is required)


LC178X016 Questlove Pocket Kit 4-piece Drum Set-Black Sparkle Finish, inch

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $249.00
    • - bass drum: 16"
    • - tom: 10"
    • - floor tom: 13"
    • - snare drum: 12"
    • - foot pedal


22 inch Drum Set Kit Full Size for Adult Junior Teen 5 Piece with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Metallic Blue

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $255.99
    • Eastar eds-480bu full-size 5 drum set, drum body, stand, drum throne, cymbal, suitable for beginning and intermediate drum enthusiasts
    • Eds-480bu bass drum adopts 8 drum lug structure, the drum skin tension is larger than similar products
    • High-quality drum skin, the drum skin of eastar's 5-drum set has been selected, the thickness of the face and the resonance surface are different
    • The face of the snare drum is made of high-grade white matte skin
    • Content 22 "x 16" bass drum x 1, 12 "x 8" mounted tom x 1, 10 "x 7" mounted tom x 1, 14 "x 5


Roadshow 5-piece Complete Drum Set with Cymbals - 22" Kick - Aqua Blue Glitter

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $499.00
    • 9-ply 7mm poplar shells
    • Double-braced hardware package
    • 16" crash cymbal and 14" hybrid-hats
    • Matching wood snare drum
    • Professional pearl stick bag and two pair of maple drum sticks


22inch 5 Piece Adults Drum Set, Complete Full Size Adult‘s Drum Set Cymbal Child Kit with Stool Sticks Blue

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - n/a
    • Better material-real wood shells,high gloss finish all drums,and the drum skin adopts double-layer oil skin, good elasticity and longer use time
    • Good workmanship-the bottom of the drum has a ringing chord, and when the drums are played, the chord and the drum surface resonate, causing the music to sound
    • Bass and tom drum bracket-adjust the angles for playing drums
    • Accessory including-bass drum,tom drums, snare drum,snare stand,hi hat stand and cymbals,mounted cymbal,drum stool,bass drum pedal,drum key and drum sticks
    • Product dimension-22 x 16 bass drum, 14" x 5

Mendini by Cecilio

Complete Full Size 5-Piece Adult Drum Set with Cymbals, Pedal, Throne, and Drumsticks, Metallic Black, MDS80-BK

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - n/a
    • Recommended age group: adult , teen
    • Cross laminated poplar shells, black powder coated triple flanged hoops and lugs
    • 22" x 16" bass drum, 12" x 8" and 13" x 9" tom toms, 14" x 5
    • 16" x 16" floor tom, 14. 5" hi-hat and 16" crash cymbals
    • Includes: round padded height adjustable drum throne, a pair of wooden drum sticks, double braced snare, cymbal and hi-hat stands, chain drive bass drum pedal, easy to read set up instructions (assembly is required)


EXX725/C 5-Piece Export Standard Drum Set with Hardware - Jet Black

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $799.99
    • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
    • (22x18, 12x8, 13x9, 16x16, 14x5. 5)
    • P930 demonator pedal
    • All new 830 hardware
    • Matching snare, remo snare batter side head


3-Piece Junior Drum Set with Crash Cymbal, Drumsticks, Adjustable Throne and Accessories, Metalic Red, inch (RJ103-MR)

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $83.81
    • 3-piece metallic red drum set with dimensions scaled down to perfectly accommodate aspiring drummers aged 3-7
    • Bass drum 16" x 12" with chain driven foot pedal and 4 lugs to help it stand
    • Standalone snare drum 10"x 5" with stand not included in most junior sets
    • Hanging tom-tom 10" x 7" and hanging crash cymbal 10"
    • Comes with everything you need to get started right away including a lightweight pair of drum sticks and an adjustable comfortable drum throne (seat)

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