A Complete Guide to Assemble Home Hydroponics Kit

Last updated: December 11, 2019

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A Complete Guide to Assemble Home Hydroponics Kit

Hydroponics is the latest technique of growing plants or gardening without using soil. However, in this mechanism, plants will grow in a solution of minerals and water. Most of the gardeners are preferring to utilize this amazing solution to grow their favorite plants. It is because this is the most advanced system of growing plants. Most amazingly, it comes up with a range of benefits. Therefore, more and more people are tending towards this concept to grow whatever they want.

However, if you want to start your own home hydroponics garden then this is not too late for this. It is because it is always the best to begin your own home hydroponics. However, before knowing how you can assemble this perfectly, you must understand what it is. And how it can benefit you more in the best possible way. So, before investing in anything regarding this structure you must understand its fundamentals. So, let’s begin with the basics.

Introduction of hydroponics

By definition, hydroponics is a way of growing plants in a solution of rich nutrients and water. This latest method of growing plants does not use soil. However, it uses an inert medium just like clay pellets, vermiculite, peat moss, perlite, and Rockwool to support the root system. Basically, Hydroponics is a phenomenon of growing plants without using any dirt medium as in traditional systems. The basic concept behind this idea is to allow the roots of plants to have a direct link with nutrients. Along with this, plants also have access to oxygen to ensure proper growth more effectively. So, actually, we are going to grow plants without having to plant them in the soul. It means we can easily grow them anywhere with comfort.

What is the importance of hydroponics?

Well, there are multiple reasons which can help you to understand the importance of hydroponics in the best possible way. However, here we have some specific benefits for you to let you understand why it can be a more amazing option to choose from.

Faster growth

Hydroponics is a more efficient method of growing plants. With this amazing method, plants can grow 20% faster than traditional methods. It means you can easily save a lot of your time with this.

More yields

Although scientists have bigger theories on this to tell why is this. But as a matter of fact, this method can let you expect 20 to 25% more yields. It clearly means that hydroponics can add up.

Save space

As you are not using soil so, your plants don’t have to spread their roots to get their required nutrients. So, you can pack more and more plants closer with ease. Ultimately, this will help you to save a lot of space by growing more plants even in a small space. Even more, this can be a perfect idea for urban growers who want to grow their favorite yields.

Less water consumption

As in this, you are using proper Indoor Herb Growing Kits and reservoirs. Therefore, no water amount will seep out of the bottom because these are properly sealed. So, the plants are using water which they actually need. While there remaining will stay in the reservoirs to use for the next time. Ultimately, there is no loss of water to grow plants with this method. Switching to hydro growing can let you save 90% of water with ease.

No weed

Pulling out weeds is always the most tedious activity for gardeners. However, in the case of hydroponics growing there is no weed pulling at all. All of these facts are surely amazing to get a better idea of why hydroponics is an amazing option.

How to assemble a hydroponics kit?

Whether it is about setting a Humidity Detector or fixing tomato grow lights, in this guide you can get a better idea about how to fix everything available in the hydroponics system. So, have a look at the following procedure to know how to assemble home hydroponics with ease.

Determine your location

However, when it comes to assembling a home hydroponics system then firstly you have to determine a location for this. As this is an enclosed structure. Therefore, it is important to choose an even place to place this system. Because it can ensure proper coverage of nutrients and water to all the plants in this system. If you are placing this structure indoor then you must invest in LED grow lights. However, if you are placing it outside, then make sure to bring Hydro Grow tents. Especially, for winter to save this structure from cold.

Assemble hydroponics structure

This system contains 6" PVC pipe’s growing tubes. Along with this it also contains a nutrient tank of 50-gallon, a PVC trellis, and a pump. Pump here is to push the nutrients to the plants through plastic tubes and smaller PVC pipes’ manifold. Every growing tube will have a drainpipe leading back to the pump. However, the manifold will sit back on the pipe’s top to send pressurized water to the tubes. However, when it comes to pushing nutrients into this system, then you will send water through a square pipe.

After that, it goes to the manifold and then it will reach small plastic tubes which run in growing pipes. The nutrient pipe contains small holes in it. Every hole is between each plant site. The nutrients will shoot out these holes and spray the roots of plants. At the same time, jet water will create air bubbles to provide enough oxygen to the plants.

However, you have to fill the 50-gallon tank with enough water. Now check the fertilizer label and add nutrients in the water tank as per recommendations. Turn on the system to mix all the nutrients well. Now add the plants into large growing tubes properly. Lastly, you have to turn the system on to ensure a proper supply of water and nutrients to the entire structure.

However, it is always important for you to keep monitoring your system daily. Keep inspecting your hydroponics structure for pests and disease is always important for proper growth.

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