The Ultimate Guide for Shopping Helper Tools

Last updated: December 20, 2019

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The Ultimate Guide for Shopping Helper Tools

Are the movers gone yet? Yes? Great!, I'm sure you have unpacked the boxes and set things up in your new home nicely, well not everything- your stomach is growling. I think it's time to do some shopping! Usually, the first shopping trip can get a little chaotic, especially when you try to figure out all of the basic things you will need for each room, what is needed and what goes where. Be sure to include a plunger, cleaning suppliers are very necessary, you will definitely need to get some coffee and how about curtains for your bedroom?

Walking down the aisle in a timely fashion should be reserved for your wedding day or dress rehearsal of your children's wedding, you don't need to spend hours wandering the aisles of the local grocery store. Allow us to make sense of your new apartment's grocery list.

Shopping bags are essential when it comes to having a good shopping experience, it is also very important to know the right shopping bag for various items. Disposable shopping bags usually come in forms of paper or very thin polypropylene and are thrown away every year in large quantities. However, there is another alternative which is Reusable shopping bags that come in different types of shapes and colors. Here are a few of them, and the items they specialize in carrying.

Foldable Shopping bags

Foldable Shopping bags

These cute polyester shopping bags are ideal for grocery shopping, they come in sizes, 3.5" x 3.5", which allows it to be easily folded and put in your pockets or purses. They are washable and reusable in case something spills on the inside, they are also lightweight and sturdy because they are made out of Ultra-strong polyester fabric which is ideal eco-friendly.

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Mesh bags for Grocery shopping

Mesh bags for Grocery shopping

If you are looking to get a mesh bag for your grocery shopping that is both eco-friendly and zero waste, we have got you covered. Each mesh shopping bag has the power to eliminate up to 1000 plastic bags. It is lightweight with 100 percent food contact safe, they have the highest standards of quality and safely hold all your fresh groceries.

This shopping bag is made out of ultra-fine yet strong mesh polyester. Hence it is super lightweight such that it doesn't add weight to your groceries. It is nearly transparent to allow you to easily see through know what is inside and for easy checking at the counter. It comes in 3 sizes, small, which is 12" x 8", a medium which is also 12" x 14" and the large which is 12" x 17". It is great for carrying bulk grains, toys, and fragile groceries.

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Bike Panniers

Bike Panniers

These spacious shopping bags are made of 1000D polyester material which renders it fully waterproof, it is super durable, anti-tear, heat-resisting, and wear-resistant, it also protects your groceries and items perfectly. The bike panniers have a large capacity of 11.6 inches x 5.9 inches x 13.5 inches by the sides and 19.2 inches x 5.8 inches x 12 inches on the top. They are easy to install and have a removable shoulder strap.


Beach bags for moms

Beach bag

These huge reusable mesh beach bags come in sizes 20 inches x 15 inches x 7.5 inches, which allow you to carry as many groceries as you need for your day. It has 9 big exterior pockets with large capacity. It also has one non-perspective pocket that helps protect your private items from others. The beach bag has a waterproof base layer at the bottom of the bag and a top zipper designed to protect your groceries from running out. It comes along with sturdy shoulder straps and key chains to keep your keys safe. It is made from 600D water-resistant polyester and is also extra strong.

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Fold up shopping carts

The fold-up shopping is uniquely designed to carry just about anything, it is super durable and comes with swivel wheels for easy movement. It helps transport anything, especially groceries and other shopping items. It carries items in varying shapes and sizes. It is also heavy-duty steel and folds up flat for easy storage. It has a long soft handle for comfort and aids climbing stairs with minimal effort. It is sturdy yet lightweight hence ideal for grocery shopping. See Top-10 Fold up shopping carts

Now that we're done getting our awesome shopping bags, here's the ultimate grocery shopping list that includes essential items you wouldn't want to miss when you go to the grocery shop.

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