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Last updated: December 10, 2019

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Home Inspection Tools

Potential homebuyers hire home inspectors to carry out research on a particular property and return with a written report about the property’s condition and an estimate of mandatory or recommended repairs, maintenance and other issues that may be costly.

The home inspector will make a thorough assessment of the entire building, from the basement materials to the functioning of each plug, including all the building’s systems, from the foundation to the roof; to make sure that the home meets expected standards and to be aware of all the faults of the house. It is vital to hire a home inspector, as he is an expert in the field and will help you avoid all unnecessary costs that might accrue from the house on a future date.

The home inspector takes note and identifies all the necessary repairs and upkeep requirements needed in the house. It is beneficial to both the buyer and seller of the house. Some of the instruments used for an effective home inspection includes (but not limited to):

Wifi Inspection Cameras

These wifi cameras connect to your phone, either android or iPhone wirelessly and give a better view of anywhere in the house. This instrument is crucial for getting the best inspection results. These wireless cameras are built to get to hard-to-reach places with flexible cables that can adapt to various confined areas, like curved holes. A wifi inspection camera is a must-have for home inspectors.


This hand-held electric light is used for inspecting those places in the house that has no light or if a power outage occurs. There are also used for the interior of tanks and to have a proper inspection of the basements. The LED light has replaced the battery enabled flashlights as it has more advantages; it gives a better grip, shines brighter, and most are water-resistant.

Circuit Breaker Finders

All homes are wired differently, which means the circuit breaker is located in different places of the house, and it can get tacky to start searching for which circuit controls which outlet. The circuit breaker finder will help look for and determine which circuit is connected to which outlet. It is safe, time-saving and comes with a variety of features.

Carpenter Tool Belt

The carpenter tool belt is comfortable, and well-built comes with different pouches to fit in some of your tools. The pouches open easily and allow for quick assessment of tools by the carpenter. It is a great belt that makes work easier and faster.

Leatherman tools

This is an all in one tool. The leather man tool has all your cutting and grabbing tools in one, it is lightweight, and it is handy for projects around the house. It is excellent for saving time and energy.

Tool vest

The tool vest will help you boost productivity in the workplace, and its very time saving when you save time; your work rate will increase. It has a lot of pouches that help you to carry tools and fasteners that provide even load distribution.

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