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With the development of optical manufacturing technologies in the market, miniature cameras have become increasingly popular. They could be used in production for monitoring the operation of small mechanisms and quality control, in electronics for assembling complex electronic devices, as well as in many other industries.

Recently, miniature cameras for domestic use have gained popularity, and with the development of wireless networks - WiFi endoscopes (WiFi inspection cameras).

We have tried to resolve the market of WiFi endoscopes and provide you with the most honest rating among the modern products available online.

We processed 1,223 reviews of wifi inspection camera. Prices range are from $20.99 to $55.99 (October 2021)

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Wireless Endoscope Camera, LIMINK WiFi Borescope with IP67 Waterproof, 1080P HD Inspection Snake Camera for Android and

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $55.99
    • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
    • 0 megapixels hd camera with dimmable led lightthis inspection camera will offer you a great experience of recording hd image/video with up to 1920*1080 resolution
    • 2ft flexible semi-rigid cablethe extra long semi-rigid cable enables you to keep the cable in shape and extends your eyes to any place hard to reach
    • Zoom freely and ip67 waterproofyou can easily zoom the picture to 400% by pressing the + button
    • Built-in 2200mah rechargeable batterynever worry about the battery will run out in a short time


Endoscope WiFi, Wireless Endoscope Camera for Android 2.0MP Borescope Inspection Camera with Flexible Grabber 16.4ft(5M)

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - n/a
    • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
    • Wireless endoscope with pick-up tool : unlike other endoscope wifi on the marketplace, this wireless endoscope camera with 24" flexible grabber pick-up tool
    • Long working time : the endoscope wifi is powered by 800mah rechargeable lithium battery
    • Semi-rigid cable and leather carry box: this endoscope wifi can suitable for various types of environment
    • Fast wifi connection: this wireless endoscope can quickly connect to your smartphone by wifi


WiFi Endoscope Camera, Semi-Rigid Flexible Wireless Endoscope IP67 Waterproof Borescope 2 MP HD Resolutions Inspection

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $22.99
    • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
    • Semi-rigid flexible cablethe yellow semi-rigid flexible cable is better to allow you to control the direction of the inspection camera
    • Hd resolution camerabuilt in hd cmos camera, the snake camera endoscope has 3 adjustable resolutions (resolution:640x480
    • High compatibility and wirelessthe wireless endoscope is designed at the latest technology, this wifi borescope inspection camera can support both android equipment(above android 4
    • Wide range of usesthe wireless borescope has ip67 waterproof function, built with 8 dimmable led lights


Wireless Endoscope Camera, 2.0 MP 1080P HD WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera IP67 Waterproof Inspection Snake Camera for

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $34.99
    • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
    • Ip 67 waterproof and 8 dimmable leds- with 8 adjustable white led lights built in and ip67 waterproof
    • High resolution inspection camera-there are 4 different resolutions available that can be shot with the 8
    • 5m semi-rigid cable-the cable is long and semi-rigid, which makes it more flexible and makes it versatile for a lot of places to inspect to
    • 2600mah high capacity battery-built-in 2600mah rechargeable lithium battery that can be easily charged with a micro usb cable


2MP HD WiFi Endoscope Semi-Rigid Cable 6 Adjustable Led IP67 Waterproof Borescope Inspection Snake Camera for Android,

5 place

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - n/a


Wireless Endoscope, Semi-Rigid Wireless Borescope WiFi Inspection Camera 2.0 Megapixels HD Endoscope Camera 5.5mm Snake

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $20.99
    • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
    • Universal capability with free app it takes advantage of wi-fi direct technology to provide hassle free connection
    • 5mm diameter tiny cameraunlike most borescope camera in the market, the diameter of our camera tip is only 5
    • 2000 mah batteries, longer working timelager than 1800 mah capacity, cly endoscope camera can work up to 3 hours after fully charged, unlike those camera only working a few minutes
    • High resolution inspection camera featuring with 2


USB Snake Inspection Camera, 2.0 MP IP67 Waterproof USB C Borescope,Type-C Scope Camera with 8 Adjustable LED Lights for

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $22.98


Wireless Snake Camera 1200P WiFi Inspection Camera HD Endoscope with 8 LED Light Rigid Cable Borescope for iPhone

8 place

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $25.90
    • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
    • [ 1200p hd resolution ] latest version super full hd 1200p(4:3) 2mp cmos sensor, give you a clearest picture
    • [ special gift ] provided a function stick to you as special gift
    • [ upgrade class ] 8 led!! Ip68 waterproof!!! A turning wheel to adjust the brightness of eight led lights
    • [ wireless ] support android smartphone(above android 4


Endoscope Camera,Wireless Endoscope Inspection Camera WiFi Borescope 1200P HD Snake Camera IP68 Waterproof Snake Pipe

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $24.49
    • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
    • The newest wifi endoscope--compatible for ( android 4
    • 1200p inspection camera--2mp cmos sensor wireless snake camera can capture snapshot image or video with 640x480
    • 4ft/5m semi-rigid cable and ip68 waterproof--5m flexible snake cable,a turning wheel to adjust the brightness of 8 led lights
    • Stable performance and easy to use- without using extra adapter,cable,network


Rifle Bore Scope, 0.2inch Gun Barrel Borescope Camera with Side-View Mirror and Semi-Rigid Cable, for Windows, Mac and

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  • Details
    US Average selling price - $49.99
    • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
    • Designed for all caliber barrel inspectionwith 1cm short focal length camera and detachable side-view mirror, you can inspect for barrel cleanliness, throat erosion, tool marks, rifling wear, chamber damage and fouling
    • Ultra slim diameterour slender 0
    • Easy to usein order to allow a complete inspection of any barrel, we have extended the cable length to 40 inches
    • Photo and videoour software app gives you the ability to capture and store both still photos and video to either your computer or phone/tablet

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